In today's economy, finding a good job is difficult. You spend weeks or months trying to get an interview and only get one chance for success. -- Here's what people have to say about us:
"I found this workshop to be very valuable. I especially enjoyed the relevant real world examples from the presenters. The questions that I would be asked in an interview were worth their weight in gold. Thanks!"
- Andrew H. - Cincinnati, OH
"I would recommend this training to job seekers and employment specialists, great job!"
- J. Y. - Cincinnati, OH
"I used your coaching during an interview last week and now have accepted a job offer!"
- Workshop participant - Mason, OH
"This course filled in the gap my Air Force TAP class left behind....thanks."
- B.K. (military veteran) -- Dayton, OH
"I can tell when a job candidate hasn't prepared for the interview."
- Hiring Manager - Cincinnati, OH
"Interview Skills gave me nuggets of common sense wisdom which helped me land a job. I'm convinced that it's the little things that make the biggest impressions. Thank you so much!
- Roy C. (military veteran) -- Florence, KY
"My interview success formula -- attend this workshop, participate, prepare and practice."
- L. N. - Oxford, OH
"Your seminar helped me put framework on my interview skills. Thanks again."
- Job candidate - Cincinnati, OH
"This course was very informative and practical. I look forward to applying what I learned and acquiring a new position."
- L. F. - West Chester, OH
"I think this would be very helpful to a wide range of people - new grads, job changes etc."
- Participant - Mason, OH
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Students and Recent Graduates

You're a college student or recent graduate preparing to enter the workforce. To maximize your effectiveness, you need to learn fundamental interviewing skills before starting your job search.

Let us help by teaching you the skills that will transform your current job search and provide a foundation of knowledge for use in future transitions or promotions.

Transitioning Military

You're retiring or separating and are ready to seek civilian employment. Many employers value the leadership and technical skills you've developed throughout your career but lack the knowledge of the military environment and terminology to translate your experience.

Let us help by educating you about the civilian interview process. We’ll show you the best way to explain your military experience in a way that is simple and appealing to civilian employers.

Returning to the Workforce

For one reason or another, you've been out of the workforce and are now returning. You have the necessary qualifications, but you haven't interviewed in some time. You need to refresh your skills to compete in today's job market.

Let us help by getting you ready to interview in the new job market.