Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the seminars or workshops conducted?

Seminars or workshops are typically conducted at a local training facility or conference center; we provide specifics on the 'Register' page of our website. If you have any questions regarding locations, dates or times, please send us an email at .

How long is the seminar or workshop?

The workshop lasts approximately 4 hours. We typically conduct 2 sessions each day, one in the morning (8am – 12pm) and one in the afternoon (1 – 5pm).

Is the seminar or workshop worth it?

Yes. Let’s consider an individual who is looking for a position that pays $35,000/year. The number of interviews completed before securing an offer is based on many factors (individual skills, the economy, etc), but the average is 12. If you interview once per week, this would require 12 weeks. By attending our workshop, you could reduce this time by up to half, which means you'd reduce your search time by 6 weeks and save around $4,000. If you’re looking for a higher starting salary, around $60,000, our workshop could save you over $6,500.

Why should I attend your seminar when I can get the same materials at various websites or by watching on-line videos?

We guarantee that you won’t find the same materials anywhere else. We have compiled these materials based on years of experience in various roles such as hiring manager, HR professional and job candidate.

Since developing this seminar, we’ve had the chance to speak with many job seekers regarding their interview preparation methods. What we’ve learned is that outside of our seminar, many of the materials offered are confusing and contradictory, and the approaches suggested are often unrealistic. For example, there are websites that claim to have the top 100 interview questions along with suggested answers. We don’t believe it's realistic for anyone to memorize 100 questions and standardized answers! Even if you believe this is a helpful approach, remember that other candidates may be using the same materials. As a result, you’ll sound just like the other candidates and give the hiring manager no reason to select you over the competition.

Our seminar is designed to help you tell your personal story during the interview process, which is a much more effective approach.

My school, library or church provides interview coaching and mock interviews. Why should I pay for your seminar?

Free interview preparation is just that: free. Many of the individuals that provide this type of coaching have never been hiring managers or HR professionals. They often base their insights on training they have received, books they have read, or videos they have watched. While the individuals that offer these services have great intentions, they are not professional interviewing coaches. Our concern is that these individuals may guide you on the wrong course. Our training is based on more than 20 years of first-hand experience, and we are confident that our seminar is well worth the cost. In fact, we’re so confident that we offer a guarantee.

Should I bring my resume?

Yes. If you have a resume, we encourage you to bring it to the seminar so we can reference it during your interview preparation. At the seminar, we’ll discuss the importance of being consistent in your messages to hiring managers. To accomplish this, you’ll need to use the same words and examples in your interview that are included on your resume. After receiving our coaching, many candidates will update their resumes to maximize consistency and ensure that the correct messages are delivered.

Do you help prepare resumes?

Our expertise is in helping you prepare for the interview. After the seminar, we can discuss your resume and provide suggestions to ensure consistency between your interview answers and resume.

How many people attend the seminar?

Seminar attendance may range from 10-25 people, depending on the location. In all cases, we provide personal attention to everyone attending and ensure all questions are answered before you depart.

Do I need to wear business clothing to attend?

You can wear whatever you want during the seminar. However, always make sure to wear appropriate attire when interviewing for a job.

Will there be any companies attending the seminar that I can interview with afterwards?

Our seminars are not career fairs and hiring managers will not be present to interview and make job offers. We do attend career fairs to help make job seekers aware of our services, but the seminar itself is not a career fair. Our goal is to prepare you for a career fair or any other opportunity to meet and interview with a hiring manager.

Do you offer individual coaching?

Yes. We will conduct individual training for those who’ve attended our seminar and still required focused coaching before their interviews. This typically happens when a candidate has limited time to prepare for an interview.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. Interview Skills LLC stands behind the quality of our services and offers a no-hassle refund to those who participate in our workshops. If you don’t learn something that can be used during your next interview, we’ll refund the cost of your attendance. It’s that simple – you have nothing to lose.

I’m unemployed and would like to attend, but don’t have the money. What should I do?

Our mission at Interview Skills is to serve others by helping them prepare for the most important day of their career, the day they interview. If you’re unable to pay for the seminar, reduced up-front costs or scholarship might be available. Please contact us at to inquire.

If you have a question that’s not listed in the FAQs, please email us at so that we might answer.