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October 2015

Using Examples to Demonstrate Understanding, Value, and Vision During Your Interview Throughout my 25-year career in both public and private organizations, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in numerous hiring actions and interviews. On several occasions, I’ve witnessed less experienced candidates.... (read more)

September 2015

Don't Confuse Social Media Tools With Networking In Your Job Search There’s no question that networking is one of the best ways to land a great position in today’s job market. Unfortunately, the concept is misunderstood and often assumed to mean that someone has a significant number of individuals they’re connected with through social media..... (read more)

August 2015

Personal Branding 101 and your Job Search The idea of personal branding isn't new, yet it continues to be a source of confusion for many job seekers. My intent with this article is to demystify the concept and provide a few simple ways to help you create and leverage your personal brand........ (read more)

July 2015

Why an Objective Statement in your Resume can be 'Risky Business' This title might sound counterintuitive, but it’s important to understand the risks associated with using an objective statement in your resume. I base this observation upon countless hiring actions, interviews, and thousands of resume reviews over the past several years.... (read more)

June 2015

Danger Signs that Managers Look for During the Hiring Process Getting an offer in today’s job market can take what feels like an eternity. You submit a resume and wait. Go through a phone screen and wait. Get invited for an interview and wait... (read more)

May 2015

Ten Additional Resume Tips for Resu-MAY month As described in our first article this month, we've reviewed several thousand resumes over the past year. Our initial Top Ten list has some of the most common, yet overlooked issues with resumes. While not as obvious, this list is just as important....enjoy. (read more)

Our Top 10 Resume Tips for Resu-MAY month Over the past year, we've reviewed several thousand resumes and observed some consistent issues that job seekers are making. Here's a list of 10 critical and consistent issues that you should understand and apply.... (read more)

April 2015

Five Things that Hiring Managers Wish They Could Tell You Throughout the hiring process, you need to pay attention to everything which includes the smallest details. Why you ask? During this process, a hiring manager will be assessing your ability to perform specific tasks and your fit with their organization..... (read more)

Mistakes that will put a quick end to your next interview After developing a strong resume and making it to the job interview, the last thing you want to do is make an obvious mistake. Here are some common issues and ways to avoid these if you really want that dream job..... (read more)

March 2015

Understanding the concept of 'Likeability' and why it's important to your job search Research shows that hiring managers tend to hire candidates they like. This might sounds obvious, but an understanding of this statement and the concept we call 'likeability' can have a major impact on your job search..... (read more)

Five Things that Recruiters Wish They Could Tell you at a Job Fair Here are five of the most important tips that job fair recruiters would tell you if they were allowed to tell you what they really wanted you to know. #1 – It’s not about you: Let’s be clear, recruiters aren’t there to make your wishes come true.... (read more)

February 2015

Seven Rules for a Successful Job Interview Here are seven proven techniques to help you be successful in your next job interview. #1 - Make a great first impression: First impressions are critical to a successful job interview. Almost 50% of employers know if you're a good fit within the first 5 minutes.... (read more)

Preparing for a Successful Phone Interview Phone interviews can be a first step in the interviewing process and are typically done as a way to screen from a group of qualified candidates. In some cases, phone interviews can result in a hiring decision, but this approach is more commonly used to select a handful...... (read more)

January 2015

Understanding and Highlighting your Transferable Skills Transferable skills are those skills which are important to on-the-job success, however, are typically learned through both personal and work experiences. For example, you might need an ability to organize, communicate, plan, and solve problems to be successful in a position........ (read more)

Ways to overcome a lack of experience In today’s competitive job market, employers often look for specific skills and prior work or industry-related experience during the hiring process. This requirement can put many strong candidates at a disadvantage, so we’ve outlined some proven ways to help overcome a perceived lack of experience.... (read more)

December 2014

Why your answers might be confusing If the hiring manager doesn’t understand what you’re saying, they can’t see how you’ll add value to their organization.... (read more)

What you can do to make your responses easier to understand Here’s an example of how this works.... (read more)

November 2014

Prepare for an interview without being over-rehearsed (Part 1) - How we can tell that you over-rehearsed There are several ways that a hiring manager might conclude that you’ve gone overboard.... (read more)

Part 2 - How to prevent from sounding over-rehearsed during your interview First, we recommend against memorizing any scripted answers and suggest using..... (read more)

October 2014

Preparing for an Interview with Less Than 24 Hours Preparing for an important interview can be a challenge, however, the difficulty increases when you have limited time.... (read more)

Summary of the Process A summary of the 8-steps you should take when there’s limited time to prepare for an interview.... (read more)

September 2014

Navigating the Federal Government’s Hiring Process I’m often asked how to get job with the federal government and my answer is simple – understand and follow the process, be prepared, and be patient….…. (read more)

The Federal Government’s Hiring Process – Part 2 Understanding the Federal resume and how it might be different than your industry or corporate resume….... (read more)

The Federal Government’s Hiring Process – Part 3 Understanding the Federal interview and how it might be different than an interview with a company…….. (read more)

August 2014

The Illusion of Veterans Preference and what Veterans Should do about it In today’s job market, there’s a coordinate effort among great companies to hire veterans and those transitioning from military service. As a veteran myself, I fully support this movement and have personally recruited many vets for their skills and experience……. (read more)

Networking and Your Job Search – Part 3: The Informational Interview Here’s an important and overlooked technique that can accelerate your job search efforts – the informational interview. The concept is simple..... (read more)

July 2014

There's No Such Thing as Overqualified In today’s job market, great candidates are being given one of the most disappointing and confusing reasons for not getting the job of their dreams....they’re overqualified. The idea of being rejected for a position is frustrating, however....... (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: Can I negotiate my starting salary? (read more)

June 2014

The Power of Passion During the Hiring Process During the hiring process, it’s not just what you say that matters, it’s how you say it…. (read more)

Positive Attitude Another way to differentiate yourself in a positive manner during.... (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: What if they ask me about a negative experience with a former boss, co-worker or teacher? (read more)

May 2014

Networking and Your Job Search – Part 2 (Where to Start) In last month’s newsletter, we introduced the topic of networking and provided a basic definition..... (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: I don’t understand why referencing my notes during the interview might result in being penalized by the hiring manager? (read more)

April 2014

Networking and Your Job Search I’m often asked “what’s the best way to get a job” and my answer is easy – networking. Why?...... (read more)

When to Begin Preparing for an Interview I was asked by a candidate following a disappointing interview why he didn’t get much time to prepare..... (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: Can I Bring my Notes into the Interview? (read more)

March 2014

Preparing References After creating a great resume and developing strong interviewing skills, nothing could be worse having a reference that doesn't speak positively about you.... (read more)

Unusual Items That You Should Be Ready to Discuss Let's face it, life is full of surprises and many people have items in their past or on their resumes which reflect signifcant.... (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: Should I do anything different in the second round of interviews? (read more)

February 2014

Being Humble During the Hiring Process From a young age, many Americans are taught values such as respect and humility which have made an enduring impact upon their personal and professional lives.... (read more)

Do You Have a Weakness? Let's be clear -- everyone has at least one weakness and everyone has failed. It's common to be asked about a weakness or a failure, and you must... (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: I know I should arrive early for my interview, but I'm not sure how early I should arrive. What's your advice? (read more)

January 2014

How to Succeed at an Employment Fair Over the years, our staff has attended many employment fairs and gathered countless lessons for job seekers. We discuss many of these lessons, both positive and negative, during our workshops to ensure participants are ready to maximize these unique job hunting opportunities.... (read more)

Being Professional at an Employment Fair During this month’s newsletter, we elected to continue our discussion regarding employment fairs and provide additional observations to help increase your chances for success.... (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: Paper versus on-line resume submission? (read more)

December 2013

Your Ticket to the Interview There’s no question that interview preparation increases the chances of getting a job offer. However, It’s important to note that you can’t be successful if you’re not first invited to the interview. In previous newsletters, we discussed how a good resume gets you invited.... (read more)

They Didn't Read My Entire Resume -- Now What? Believe it or not, this is common in today’s job market. In many organizations, resumes are scanned by computers or administrative personnel for.... (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: How to handle “Off the Record” discussions and questions... (read more)

November 2013

The Value of Interview Coaching A few weeks ago, I had the unique opportunity to be on a hiring panel for a senior technical representative position. During the process, we interviewed a candidate.... (read more)

Market Research and Interview Strategy One of the most important things you can do to prepare for an interview is conduct extensive research on the position, company and industry…. (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: What is the most frustrating thing a candidate can do in the interviewing process? (read more)

October 2013

Why Details Matter During the Hiring Process Details are always important, however paying attention to the smallest of details can change your chances of getting the job of your dreams…. (read more)

Developing a Personal Shopping Cart An important part of your interview preparation is understanding your skills, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and goals…. (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: What should I do if I’m not feeling well before the interview? (read more)

September 2013

Why it’s Critical to Begin an Interview in a Positive Way I recently coached an individual who was preparing for an executive position with a mid-sized nationally recognized organization. We began the practice interview with a typical question for a position at this level.... (read more)

The Behavioral Interview This type of interview is becoming more common in today’s job market since many hiring managers believe the best way to predict future performance... (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: What should I do if I’m going to be late for the interview? (read more)

August 2013

Your Elevator Speech One of the most important aspects of your job search is the ability to quickly provide highlights of your qualifications and experience. The emphasis here is upon quick and relevant highlights, not your entire life experience. The intent of an elevator speech is to…. (read more)

Taking a Strategic Pause In a previous newsletter, we addressed a concern regarding job seekers that began speaking as soon as a question is asked. Unfortunately, they…. (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: Is it acceptable to use my current work email or phone number on my resume? (read more)

July 2013

Selling Yourself: Four Keys for Successful Interviewing If you look up the word 'sell' on, you’ll see there are numerous definitions. The definition that most people identify with the word “sell” has to do with “persuading or inducing someone to buy something.” In this case, the goal is for an organization….. (read more)

The Dangers of Exaggerating the Truth Why is it that some people feel the need to exaggerate the truth? While this might be harmless in most cases, it can easily cost you a job opportunity…. (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: I'm having trouble being able to think straight during the interview… (read more)

June 2013

Being Consistent During the Hiring Process In last month’s newsletter, we discussed the two essential elements of a successful job search; 1) a good resume and 2) strong interviewing skills. We talked about the need for a resume which gets you noticed and more importantly, invited for the interview….. (read more)

Why Good Etiquette is Important Good etiquette never goes out of style and we highly recommend that you do a quick etiquette refresher before starting the interview and job search process.... (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager How can I prevent periods of awkward silence during the interview? (read more)

May 2013

Why Interviewing is More Important than your Resume An important fact to understand during the hiring process is that resumes get you noticed and interviews get you hired. As we discuss in our seminar, both are the “equipment” you’ll need to with the position. However, it’s critical you understand that a resume will only…….. (read more)

The Job Interview – A Formal Versus Casual Environment Many Hiring Managers and Human Resources professionals have recently noticed that candidates are treating the job interview as a less formal…. (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: What to do if I make a mistake when answering a question? (read more)

April 2013

How to Communicate Something Negative During the Interview Life isn’t always perfect and we all deal with obstacles, set-backs, and things that don’t go our way. You didn’t achieve the GPA that you wanted; you didn’t get along with a boss or teacher; you weren’t able to complete a significant task on-time or to the level originally planned….. (read more)

Closing the Interview with Style An important part of your interview is the way you end the interview and we highly recommend a strong close. I’ve spent a significant part of my career…. (read more)

Ask the Hiring Manager: What if my questions are answered before I get a chance to ask? (read more)