Students and Recent Graduates

You're a college student or recent graduate preparing to enter the workforce. To maximize your effectiveness, you need to learn fundamental interviewing skills before starting your job search.

Let us help by teaching you the skills that will transform your current job search and provide a foundation of knowledge for use in future transitions or promotions.

Transitioning Military

You're retiring or separating and are ready to seek civilian employment. Many employers value the leadership and technical skills you've developed throughout your career but lack the knowledge of the military environment and terminology to translate your experience.

Let us help by educating you about the civilian interview process. We’ll show you the best way to explain your military experience in a way that is simple and appealing to civilian employers.

Returning to the Workforce

For one reason or another, you've been out of the workforce and are now returning. You have the necessary qualifications, but you haven't interviewed in some time. You need to refresh your skills to compete in today's job market.

Let us help by getting you ready to interview in the new job market.

Why You Should Attend

The Interview Skills workshop is designed to help qualified job seekers learn and apply the tactics, techniques and etiquette necessary for a successful interview. In today's market, a candidate’s success relies most heavily upon an strong resume and these essential interview skills.

While universities, military transition offices, friends and families can help with resume development, the candidate alone must excel during the interview process. Unfortunately, interviewing skills are often given minimal attention in the job search process. In many cases, interviewing skills are learned by trial and error, which puts the candidate at a disadvantage. In the current economic climate, with job searches lasting longer than ever, it is critical that a candidate approaches each interview with confidence and competence, rather than learning as he goes.

Simply put, poor interview skills are causing talented candidates to remain unemployed for extended periods and forgo income. By attending our seminar, you'll gain confidence and learn how to maximize your ability to convert a job interview into a job offer.

What You Will Learn
  • Basic interview rules and strategies
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • The types of interviews you might encounter
  • What the interviewer controls
  • How to maximize your positive influence during the interview
  • How to structure your responses and prepare answers to key interview questions
  • What to do if something goes wrong
  • Interview Tips and Techniques