Students and Recent Graduates

You spent time and money getting an education and building your resume. Make it all worthwhile by learning how to successfully interview.

Before starting your new career, you need to successfully navigate the job interview process and demonstrate your value to potential employers. Previous summer and part-time work gave you some experience, yet you realize that the significance of your upcoming interviews will be far greater. You’ve read a book, talked with friends and family, or worked with a professional to create a strong resume. However, you also know that you'll be alone during the interview. You’ve worked with campus staff on interview preparation but realize that others with similar degrees will be applying for the same positions. You know that you need to gain an advantage over the competition.

This seminar was designed for you and will give you the skills and confidence to succeed in today’s competitive job market. We'll cover important topics that will transform your current job search and provide a foundation of knowledge for use in future career transitions or promotions.

Topics we'll cover during the seminar include:

  • The basic rules for interviews and strategies you can apply to increase your changes for success
  • The types of interviews commonly encountered among today's job seekers
  • What the interviewer controls and why this matters to you
  • How to maximize your positive influence during the interview
  • How to structure your responses and prepare answers to key interview questions
  • Research based approaches to use if something goes wrong during the interview
  • Tips and Techniques for use in preparation and during the interview
  • Exercises which help you prepare, build confidence, and stay calm on interview day