Overview: Tips and Techniques

Our workshop teaches the true purpose of an interview: to demonstrate both job qualifications and compatibility. It is important to understand that resumes are objective and secure an interview by highlighting job qualifications. Interviews are more subjective and ultimately determine which candidate gets the job based on both qualifications and compatibility. During our workshop, we address interview strategy and provide tips and techniques to help you demonstrate your abilities and value.

Because interviews are subjective, they are subject to human biases. Think about the first opinion you form while watching a reality program. In most cases, you quickly establish an opinion and look for behaviors to confirm this opinion. Unless the contestant makes a significant change, either good or bad, you maintain your initial opinion. There are MANY biases which can influence an interview. During the seminar, we’ll highlight potential sources of bias and show you how to influence situations in your favor. At minimum, you need to understand those biases which might create a negative impression and avoid them so that other candidates get a 'strike,’ and you don't.

We also discuss interview situations and provide techniques which you can apply now and throughout your career. How should you prepare? What should you do if something goes wrong during the interview? These are just some of the tips and techniques for successful interviews that we will share with you.