Returning to the Workforce

You've been out of work and now plan to return. Your qualifications are strong, but you need to refresh your interview skills to be successful in the new job market.

You’ve interviewed in the past and realize your current skills are not up to date. The current job market is much different due high unemployment and increased competition. You’ve worked with others to create a resume which highlights your experience, but you also realize that you'll be alone during the interview, so you’ll need to refresh your skills to become competitive. You also know that other candidates competing for the same position might have more current work and interview experience. Finally, you understand that many candidates provide similar responses during the interview because they reviewed the same books, websites, and on-line videos while preparing. You need to differentiate yourself and give the hiring manager a reason to select you over others with similar or more current experience.

This seminar was designed to help refresh your interview skills so that you can navigate the process with confidence. During the seminar, we'll cover important interview topics that will be valuable now and for the remainder of your career. The quicker you can refresh your interviewing skills, the easier your return to the workforce will be. Let us help you understand:

  • The basic rules for interviews and strategies you can apply to increase your changes for success
  • The types of interviews commonly encountered among today's job seekers
  • What the interviewer controls and why this matters to you
  • How to maximize your positive influence during the interview
  • How to structure your responses and prepare answers to key interview questions
  • Research based approaches to use if something goes wrong during the interview
  • Tips and Techniques for use in preparation and during the interview
  • Exercises which help you prepare, build confidence, and stay calm on interview day